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Vermicompost is a natural, organic, odorless, fresh, and soft to the touch soil fertilizer. It is highly ecological as it is found in nature and contributes to the reuse of organic waste. It contains 250 to 300 million living elements, acting as a regulator and soil regenerator. Plants treated with our vermicompost receive, naturally, strength and vigor, becoming more resistant to pathogens.

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Vermicompost is part of a rational management system of natural resources that brings enormous benefits to the agro-ecosystem and biodiversity.

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Vermicompost is completely odorless and stable. It can also be stored for a long time under suitable conditions.

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Vermicompost is 100% natural and respects and avoids the use of chemical additives. It is produced in accordance with the cycles of nature.

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Continuous use of vermicompost leads to economic savings because it contributes to a reduction in water consumption, a decrease in the use of pesticides, and an increase in yields.

Authorized in Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture involves natural substances and methods for cultivation and breeding. The use of authorized humus in organic agriculture ensures environmental respect, increases production, and improves the quality of products.
Lombricoltura Siciliana produces worm humus in compliance with these requirements.

Organic Use Fertilizer Register no. 0037187/22


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For the garden

Thanks to our vermicompost, your plants will be more beautiful and healthier in a natural way. Its composition does not cause any damage even in case of excessive use. It can be spread on the ground or in pots on plants, shrubs, and trees.


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For agriculture

Vermicompost is one of the most widely used organic fertilizers in agriculture for its high regenerative power, as well as for its long-term effect as a protector against pathogens.

What we do

our strengths

We produce high-quality humus in a sustainable way, creating an optimal environment for our earthworms. We always strive to meet customer requests by providing pre and post-sales support services. We are a young, dynamic, and innovative company, but above all, we are people who love our work.

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Animals that never cease to amaze us, carrying out irreplaceable work improving the soil.

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A 100% natural soil fertilizer, soil regenerator, and plant productivity multiplier.


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Today, more than ever, it is necessary to care for and conserve the resources of nature to reverse the current ecological imbalance.

Where we do it

The production process

The entire production process is carried out indoors and under controlled conditions to obtain a product of the highest quality, free of pest agents. The product is 100% derived from bovine manure.

Where we do it

some opinions

We believe that the opinion of others helps us grow. Praise gives us the strength to improve even more, while criticism makes us reflect on how we can correct mistakes and achieve our primary goal: customer satisfaction.


I couldn’t find a good producer and supplier. Now, it’s been almost a year since I’ve been using vermicompost—what a spectacle! Beautiful green color and a load of fruit. I’m pleased to show you the plants in my garden that I cultivate with your products. The eggplants are taller than me

Mystery Person
Dr. Angelo Murabito
Acireale - Sicily

I used the vermicompost from Lombricoltura Siciliana to fertilize our vineyard and olive grove, replacing the chemical fertilizer I had used until now. The results were so positive that I will use it again next year. For me, environmental respect is a priority, which is why I recommend the use of vermicompost.

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Enna – Sicily

We used vermicompost in our vineyard to enrich an area poor in organic matter. We are fully satisfied to the point that we want to use it again in the next agricultural year, in line with our mission to contribute to the spread of a sustainable agriculture model. The delivery was punctual, the packaging resistant and suitable for the content.

Immagine aziendale raffigurante un filare di viti
Catania - Sicily
Ester Vasta Agricultural Company

We used the vermicompost from Lombricoltura Siciliana to fertilize our legumes. We are very satisfied with the results and recommend the product to other agricultural companies like ours. For us, environmental care is essential when fertilizing our crops.

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Enna – Sicily

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